Fundraiser Lunch 2018

NPA’s Inaugural Prostate Awareness Lunch - July 2018

With the support of valuable sponsors and 200 guests with open wallets, last year’s Fundraiser Lunch was a fantastic success. Thanks to everyone involved with this event.

Event Brochure

NPA Prostate Awareness Lunch 2018 p01.png
NPA Prostate Awareness Lunch 2018 p02.png
NPA Prostate Awareness Lunch 2018 p03.png

Lunch Programme

NPA Lunch 2018 Programme_Page_1.png
NPA Lunch 2018 Programme_Page_2.png
NPA Lunch 2018 Programme_Page_3.png
NPA Lunch 2018 Programme_Page_4.png
NPA Lunch 2018 Programme_Page_5.png
NPA Lunch 2018 Programme_Page_6.png
NPA Lunch 2018 Programme_Page_7.png
NPA Lunch 2018 Programme_Page_8.png